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Title: No Girl So Sweet
Pairing: Fred/Lilah
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,335
Spoilers: general season two
Summary: AU. Wolfram & Hart rescue Fred from Pylea. Lilah gets to babysit.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] blatterations's awesome prompt for this comment ficathon. This was way too much fun.

Between this and Bethany all those months ago, Lilah's apartment is starting to feel like Miss Morgan's Home For Wayward Girls. At least Bethany could grasp the concept of sitting on the sofa. )
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I managed to actually write all my prompts for the three line stories fic meme, what odd miracle is this! And so of course I must commemorate by putting them all here.

Some of these are nonsense, because, um, a story in three lines? Have you met me and the endless stream of babble that is my default setting? Also, sometimes they just aren't three lines. Ha ha, rebellion!

For [ profile] zombie_boogie : Parks and Rec, Leslie/Ben, sugar high )

For [ profile] crackers4jenn : Community, Jeff/Annie, ain't no damsel in distress )

For [ profile] crackers4jenn : The Office, Pam/Ryan, KELLY FINDS OUT. )

For [ profile] magpieinthesky : How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Robin, three scotches )

For [ profile] sunshine_queen : Dollhouse, DeWitt/Dominic, So it's true, the trick is complete )

For [ profile] darling_ashes : Dollhouse, DeWitt/Dominic, color coordination )

For [ profile] miss_atom : Doctor Who, Eleven/River, lollipops (see here!)

For [ profile] mayonegg : Glee, Puck/Lauren, champion )

For [ profile] winninghearts : 30 Rock, Liz/Wesley, hot soup )

For [ profile] ever_neutral : Angel, Wes/Cordy, your last disaster )

For [ profile] luna_lovegood21 : Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack/Elizabeth, something sexy )
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Title: Oh, and when will our heartbeats fall into line?
Pairings: Wesley/Lilah, Wesley/Fred, Fred/Gunn
Spoilers: Set during seasons 3 & 4
Word Count: 3,160
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It’s not always about holding hands.

Author’s Note: Hopefully, this will mark the end of my ardent Angel fangirling! I just had to get all my feelings out, and here’s hopin’ the rest will be silence. (Especially since I am having a hard time pushing myself through early season 5. No Hyperion, no apocalypse, no Lilah, no Cordy, Angel’s hair is dreadful, Fred’s outfits are way too skimpy to be work appropriate! Too much with the changes!) Anyway, I was struck by how non-annoyed I was by this hot mess love quadrangle in season four. Having watched Lost, I know exactly how abysmal that business can get, which is: abysmal beyond comprehension. But here! While, yes, at parts I let out anguished cries of “Wesley, Fred, stop it, stop it, stop being jerks!” on occasion, I think all the relationships have different compelling qualities, and it makes sense why all of the characters are drawn to their significant others/ex-significant others/objects-of-piney-affection/stalkers-with-noble-intentions, etc. So I had some fun examining that.

This hops around a whole bunch chronologically, and often throws you in the middle of specific scenes, so it will probably be a little disorienting. My apologies in advance!

Oh, and when will your hand find itself in mine? )
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Title: A Fine Foemance
Pairing: Wesley/Lilah
Word Count: 2,711
Rating: PG
Spoilers: through 1x10-ish; veers cheerfully AU from that point on
Summary: In which rogue demon hunter Wesley decides that seducing one of Wolfram & Hart's top lawyers is a brilliant tactical move, Lilah is more amused than she'd expected to be, and Cordy just wants Wesley to shut up about the torrid details of his love life. Preferably ASAP.
Author's Note: A few nights ago I actually started writing proper fic about these guys -- with the angst, and the deep thoughts, and the somewhat artful writing! -- but because this is me we are dealing with, this is what gets finished instead. Let us venture, then, into very silly alternate universe season one! Because ... well, why not.

Props to Wikipedia for teaching me everything I never wanted or needed to know about throwing stars!

Wesley comes into the office looking cheerful. Like, way too cheerful. )
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Title: O Come All Ye Doofish
Characters: Cordelia, Wesley, & Angel
Word Count: 1,072
Spoilers: general season 1
Summary: Christmas cheer meets Angel Investigations. Kinda.
Author's Note: For [ profile] angearia's prompt. :) Man, I love these three and their banter!

Maybe it's like a Christmas miracle or something. )
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Title: I’m Not Calling You A Zombie (Just Don’t Eat My Flesh)
Character(s): Angel, Cordelia, & Wesley
Word Count: 1,050
Rating: G
Spoilers: Set during the shiny happy days of season 1!
Summary: After going to see a zombie movie, Cordelia points out the resemblances between Angel and a certain species of yucky undead flesh eaters. Wesley doesn't really help to dissuade her. Angel is distressed (but has good hair).
Author's Note: Is this title a play on a Florence and the Machine song? You know it! That's just how I get when I, by some strange force, cannot stop writing fanfiction.

Warning: silliness abounds. Blame [ profile] crackers4jenn, who gave me the super-cool prompt 'Zombification, Angel, Wesley, & Cordelia.' She is the one at fault for this!!

“Ya know,” Cordelia says as they walk out of the movie theatre, in that I’m having an awesome epiphany tone that bodes well for no one, “Angel’s actually kind of like a zombie.” )
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It is a matter of sparks, she begins. Do you understand? )

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