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Alternative Baking 101 (and Advanced Emotional Concealment) - Community ; Jeff/Annie ; 2,800 words ; Part 2 of 2. In which Annie grapples with the Jeff of it all, and Greendale grapples with achieving any level of normalcy.

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Between rewatching season three and being very excited about the existence of season six, I got a little overwhelmed by my own Jeff/Annie emotions -- ergo my first Community fic in a long, long while!

Alternative Baking 101 (and Advanced Emotional Concealment) - Community ; Jeff/Annie ; 2,000 words ; Part 1 of 2. In which Annie grapples with making gluten-free cupcakes for the Greendale bake sale, and Jeff grapples with the Annie of it all.

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Some responses for the Invent A First Kiss For A Pairing, Even If Their First Kiss Exists Already And Therefore You Have To Get A Little Bit Sneaky fic meme! :)

Seize the Underage Fellow Student Day! Community, Jeff/Annie, 440 words

It’s supposed to be a hug. )

Gwen Can't Be On Duty All The Time Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, 726 words

You prat, you big stupid prat, how many times am I going to have to watch you die? )

feeling is first Glee, Brittany/Santana, 771 words

Santana wasn’t Brittany’s first kiss, but Brittany was Santana’s. )
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Title: O brave new world
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Word Count: 612
Rating: PG
Summary: Jeff, Annie, and New Year's Eve the Greendale way.
Author's Note: Yet another one for the Shiny Happy Comment Ficathon!

He's careful to keep as many people as possible between himself and Annie when midnight hits. )
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Title: I tried to be chill (but you're so hot that I melted)
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Word Count: 3,070
Spoilers: All of season 1
Rating: PG
Summary: It's the first study group session of the fall semester, and Jeff and Annie are the only ones who show up on time. Cue the awkwardest silence known to man.
Author's Note: This was for the prompt 'Awkward silences, Jeff/Annie' from [ profile] crackers4jenn. CHECK IT OUT, CRACKERS4JENN, I HAVE WRITTEN COMMUNITY FANFIC AGAIN!!!!! Does this really merit 5 exclamation points? We'll see.

Also, I have always been staunchly conventional in my writing, and therefore of the belief that you are supposed to be privy to one character's thoughts and one character's alone in a scene, but I just read the lovely One Day by David Nicholls yesterday, which happily hopped from brain to brain in the course of one scene a whole bunch, and it made me want to try my hand at it. I must say: SUPER GOOD TIMES! Why have I not been rollin' like this for always?

Also, for the sake of truthiness: Jeff's first line has been pretty much shamelessly thieved from Marshall Erikson. I can't help it; oh, HIMYM, you and your witty way of sayin' stuff!

Jeff is late for the first study group session of the fall semester. Yeah, on purpose. )
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Title: Even Twinkies Expire Sometime, Or: The Repercussions of Random Kissing
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Word Count: 3,865
Spoilers: post-"Debate 109"
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which kissing is misinterpreted, hole punches are dangerous, Annie has a bountiful list of reasons for her behaviour, and Jeff has a tough, tough time.
Author's Note: Oh, good God. I had a paper to write today; instead, all my caffeine-fueled energy deflected itself to this. I'm going to flunk out of college, but on the plus side, I've got my lucrative career as a fanfiction writer to fall back on! Yuk yuk yuk.

Damn it, Community.

(This is seriously all over the place and weird. I think my brain is drug-addled by the combined forces of Lipton Iced Tea and paralyzing fear over my academic doom.)

Also: I fear that Britta came out a little shrewish, or -- say -- g-d-b-ish in this. May I just say: I love Britta, I find her awesome, I'm not trying to Terri Schuester her at all! It's the caffeine, and the school-related despair. I can't be held accountable for anything anymore.

Britta has something to say about it. Gasp. Shock. )

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