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Title: Blooming
Pairing: Guy/Marian
Word Count: 693
Rating: G
Spoilers: set pre-series
Summary: At last, spring comes; when Sir Guy asks her to accompany him on a walk, she can come up with no good excuse not to.
Author's Note: I know, right? Guy/Marian what the what? Hello, randomness! I think the idea for this scene actually occurred to me, like, over a year ago -- back when they still ruled my life! -- and for some reason (hahaha, and that reason is probably reading [ profile] sir_gizzy, which, btw, EVERYONE SHOULD), it came back into my head again and I figured, 'Hey, why didn't I ever write that?'

Also, I have like six papers I should be writing right now. So. The reasoning behind random fanfic becomes suddenly and incredibly obvious.

It goes without saying that his company has not improved. He is awkward and looming as ever. )
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When the forces of procrastination and shippy nostalgia combine, what do you get but--

a Good God, Guy And Marian Were Super-Pretty And Awesome picspam!! )
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Since she is one of my very favourite characters in the history of earth -- like, seriously, the only one who safely and unchangingly ranks above her at present is Hermione Granger -- I felt the need to do a Marian picspam! Because not only is she brilliant and amazing and completely awesome in every single way there is to be awesome: she is also really, really pretty.

So I present to you -- Marian throughout season two! Featuring a whole lot of Guy, because -- wouldn't you know -- nearly all of my Marian caps seem to be from her scenes with Guy! (Lord knows why on earth that might be.) But that Robin dude (what's his deal again?) even makes an appearance or two! Shockingly.

You must be the least easily won woman in England. )
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This got kind of . . . excessive and crazy. When I started off with it, I wanted to have everything all orderly, with a section of Marian analysis and a set of Guy analysis for each scene, but then it just kind of . . . exploded into something not remotely neat or organized. So good luck, pals!

Analysis of Guy/Marian in 2x12 and 2x13 )
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So, er, I had to picspam. And seeing as how this episode was . . . rather more extraordinary than they usually tend to be in one particular respect, I kinda upped the picspam ante and got fancy-ish with things!!

2x11 - The Guy/Marian Scenes )
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Theyyy own my soul. There's just no way around it anymore.

you were the only one who could have brought me here )
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Title: Absolution
Pairing: Guy/Marian
Word Count: 1,430
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set after 2x06, "For England"
Summary: The aftermath of "For England." Guy pays Marian a late night visit.
Author's Note: Er. So, there are four essays due tomorrow morning for my Anthropology class and I have not even contemplated writing any of them yet. However, Guy/Marian > everything, the term 'everything' here indeed encompassing schoolwork. I have accepted this universal truth with grace and dignity. Yep. That's right.

How she longed for winter then!- )
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Why, lookie here, kids -- another Guy/Marian picspam!!

I wouldn't have to do it if they didn't keep having such damn beautiful scenes. (Although while we're on the subject, PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP HAVING SUCH DAMN BEAUTIFUL SCENES. I think I may have reached a point where I need them to survive. Even though they tend to come thisclose to killing me with their beauty. It's a very complicated situation, this.)

Here we go! )
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Whoohoo, tiny fanfics!

For [ profile] leobrat--

Guy/Marian, lust. )
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[35] Robin Hood - Guy/Marian (2x06 - spoilers!!)

right here @ [ profile] fivequeenlywits
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So, er, I had to do a Guy/Marian picspam from tonight's episode, considering it is the actual most beautiful thing in my life. Sorry, history paper. You lose.

In which LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, folks. And also angsty. )
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School <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Guy/Marian. It's just true.

right here @ [ profile] fivequeenlywits
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Title: in yearning
Pairing: Guy/Marian
Word Count: 1,266
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set in between 1x13 “A Clue? No” and 2x01 “Sisterhood”
Summary: Days after the failed wedding, Guy attempts to reconcile with Marian. It doesn’t go particularly well.
Author's Note: So, I was going to spend today being crazy-productive and doing homework and all of that fun academic nonsense, except instead . . . I wound up writing this. Which is fully allowed, as it is the weekend when 2x03 is going to air and therefore Guy/Marian weekend. Homework has no place in this world!

But, er, anyway.

I went through last night and watched the Guy/Marian bits of the season one finale (not that I don't care about everybody else. Um. Certainly not!) and was struck all over again by how heartbreakingly urgently in love with her Guy is. I think that it's sort of interesting that he went from letting her go in the s1 finale to being so vicious in the s2 premiere -- certainly the humiliation of it must have worn on him over time, but I liked playing around with the idea of putting more fuel in the Guy's-Marian-issues fire. :D I'm so kind in that way.

This is, of course, for [ profile] thepodsquad. Happy Halloween. ;-)

Three days after they ought to have married, he comes to her. )

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