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A few days ago, I decided, 'You know what I should do to get into the holly jolly holiday spirit? I should create a picspamtastic nostalgic tribute to A Benihana Christmas, aka Perhaps The Finest Times The Office Has Ever Had Ever!' This was in preparation for yet another "Moroccan Christmas"-type monstrosity of agony and heartache and bad, so the fact that last night's episode was actually -- gasp! -- really sweet and lovely was not anticipated! Still. Let us remember, if we will, this forty-five minute holiday romp of utter perfection.

You, you, you, you, you, you, you OUGHTA KNO-OW )
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In celebration of the fact that [ profile] cashewdani and I randomly dubbed it Ryan/Kelly Day in a comment conversation earlier--

A picspam of one of their finest moments. )
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When the forces of procrastination and shippy nostalgia combine, what do you get but--

a Good God, Guy And Marian Were Super-Pretty And Awesome picspam!! )
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As prophesied, a Brideshead Revisited picspam! More specifically, a first-half-hour-of-Brideshead Revisited picspam, before the Catholicism and alcoholism and heterosexuality factor in, and it's all just one big fun opulent boylove celebration. Whoo.

If it could only be like this always-- )
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Once upon a time, I ever-so-naively believed that, whatever my shifting opinions regarding other Office ships (Jim/Pam? Pfft! PAM/TOBY. Jim/Pam? Pfft! JIM/KAREN. Etc., etc.), at least I would never, never give up on Dwangela.

Then this happened.

Now, I would give a million bajillion dollars for her to pick Andy.

If I had a million bajillion dollars. And didn't have to pay for college. But -- you know what I mean!

Ergo, GIGANTIC PICSPAM, spanning from the vintage days of "The Merger" all the way to yesterday's episode!

That's all I ask of you, Angela. )
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Oh, you know there had to be picspamming. Slightly sloppy picspamming, where nothing's the same size and everything's CRAZY, but come on! Can you really expect me to produce anything that looks like it was done by a sane person tonight? Really.

ajfadlkjfa! )

I now want to do a Barney/Robin vid to "Kill the Director" by The Wombats so badly that it almost physically paaaains me. This whole episode was begging for it! Begging!
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While putting off my reading for class tomorrow (who, me? Shocking!), I sat down this afternoon and rewatched "Goodbye Toby"! And it was a ... weird, verging-on-spiritual experience? Or, okay, maybe not quite that intense. (Well. Maybe. There is the "Suck on this!" rock to consider.) It's like, all of a sudden, it was brilliant and everything that tormented me throughout the fourth season was gone and the future, from this point on, seemed boundless and beautiful! Or ... something. This whole reconciliation-with-The-Office process has been odd and far more emotional than anything has the right to be. And also AWESOME.

And so there is a really epic, random picspam, followed by some rambling about what I extra-love about this episode! )
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In celebration of tomorrow's Lost premiere (and in procrastination against my homework!), a picspam featuring my second favourite ship in the history of all ships! May they give us dozens more amazing moments in the upcoming season, and may that lame old Jack guy prove satisfactorily distracted by Juliet.

baby, there's something wrong with me that i can't see )
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Since she is one of my very favourite characters in the history of earth -- like, seriously, the only one who safely and unchangingly ranks above her at present is Hermione Granger -- I felt the need to do a Marian picspam! Because not only is she brilliant and amazing and completely awesome in every single way there is to be awesome: she is also really, really pretty.

So I present to you -- Marian throughout season two! Featuring a whole lot of Guy, because -- wouldn't you know -- nearly all of my Marian caps seem to be from her scenes with Guy! (Lord knows why on earth that might be.) But that Robin dude (what's his deal again?) even makes an appearance or two! Shockingly.

You must be the least easily won woman in England. )
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So, er, I had to picspam. And seeing as how this episode was . . . rather more extraordinary than they usually tend to be in one particular respect, I kinda upped the picspam ante and got fancy-ish with things!!

2x11 - The Guy/Marian Scenes )
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Why, lookie here, kids -- another Guy/Marian picspam!!

I wouldn't have to do it if they didn't keep having such damn beautiful scenes. (Although while we're on the subject, PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP HAVING SUCH DAMN BEAUTIFUL SCENES. I think I may have reached a point where I need them to survive. Even though they tend to come thisclose to killing me with their beauty. It's a very complicated situation, this.)

Here we go! )
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So, er, I had to do a Guy/Marian picspam from tonight's episode, considering it is the actual most beautiful thing in my life. Sorry, history paper. You lose.

In which LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, folks. And also angsty. )

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