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Title: A Bit of Both
Characters/Pairing: Oscar/Gabe, general Office ensemble
Word Count: 3,276
Rating: PG
Spoilers: general through season 6
Summary: Oscar and Gabe vie for Warehouse Hottie Matt's affections. It's hard to say who does worse.
Author's Note: Dear The Office,
Can this happen in season 7 please?

I dream big.

All's fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both. )
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Title: An Engagement To Not Entirely Forget
Pairing: Andy/Erin; Andy/Angela
Word Count: 1,201
Summary: The depths of Andy's Erin-pining drive him to Nicholas Sparks.
Author's Note: This was supposed to be like THREE SENTENCES for that books-that-characters-would-like meme, but, 'Nay!' this idea decreed. 'I want to be an actual fanfiction instead!' To which I said, 'Well, okay, fine, you silly idea.' Thank you, [ profile] firthgal, for asking about Andy! Also, I wrote this in like fifteen minutes in a lj comment box, so it's possible it is not exactly my most polished work.

The whole business of being crazy in one-sided love with the lady Erin Hannon leaves the 'Nard Dog feeling a little down in the dumps, a little emotionally vulnerable. )
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Title: It's Complicated & Stupid
Pairing: Oscar/Andy
Word Count: 1,078
Summary: At least Andy’s imbibed a lot of alcohol by the time he goes, “Hey----------” (The everlasting pause involves lots of pensive brow-wriggling.) “---------maybe we should practice.”
Author's Note: Sad fact: this has been in the works for weeks. It was born on the eve that the Spoiler of Joy was released. Writer's block is an unpleasant phenomenon, you guys!

Cherry cherry boom boom! )
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Title: deserving something
Pairing: Andy/Oscar
Word Count: 3,353
Spoilers: set in a distant-ish speculative future after "Business Trip"
Rating: PG
Summary: It's Andy's bachelor party, and Oscar's not really enjoying it. Neither is Andy.
Author's Note: I would like to thank (Blame? Thank? Blame? Thank? Blame??) last night's episode, and [ profile] kyrafic for this wonderful gem of a missing scene. I would also like to thank my ten page Contemporary Lit paper for being horrifying enough to drive me into the arms of fanfic, where writing ten pages is really easy.

Whatever, I don't know, I LOVE THESE DUDES, THEY SHOULD FALL IN LOVE. It would solve so many of my (well, Office-related) problems.

Oscar doesn’t want to be at Andy’s bachelor party. )
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Title: the ups and downs of next to you
Pairing: Angela & Oscar
Spoilers: Spans from early on (pre-series? You decide!) to Speculative Season 5 Land
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,747
Summary: Four times Angela wants to move away from Oscar, and one time she's glad that she's where she is.
Author's Note: Thank you to [ profile] musical_junkie for the excellent prompt, and to my homework for being so damn easy to ignore!

And, wow, I had to do a spot of editing there and change Angela's Opposite Of Art, It Destroys Art, It's So Much More Offensive To Oscar Than Hardcore Porn baby poster from firefighters to musicians! I have no idea why I remembered it as firefighters. A definite sign I've been away from this show for too long.

Oscar's typing is abnormally loud. )
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Title: finer things (or lack thereof)
Pairing: Pam/Toby
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,352
Summary: The Finer Things Club does Sense & Sensibility.
Author's Note: So, wow, I am just out of practice at this! Could not think of a title! Could not think of a summary! The fic itself is stilted and weird and awkward! However, I justify this by the fact that Toby, around Pam? Kind of stilted and weird and awkward. (Oh, Toby.)

Also, it has been a really, really long time since I did Office fic. So, er, all my sins are forgiven? RIGHT.

I don't know much. All I know is that I love Toby. And Pam/Toby. And Oscar. And the flippin' Finer Things Club.

Maybe that's all we really need to know.

(Sidenote: It's weird to write Pam so happy. I'm used to being in season three fanfic-wise!)

Austen's sort of inevitable. )
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Title: cavorting back and forth between sodom and gomorrah
Characters: Angela, Oscar, Gil, Kevin
Word Count: 821
Author's Note: Written for challenge #3, 'sleepover,' over at [ profile] office500. Oh, Oscar/Angela. Maybe you're my Office OTP.

When Angela comes in on Monday muttering viciously about kitchen fires and derelicts, Oscar can’t really help but be morbidly intrigued. )
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Title: your own kind of music
Pairing: Primarily ensemble, with some Jim/Pam in there
Spoilers: minor ones up to "Safety Training"
Word Count: 3,387
Rating: PG
Summary: Andy beatboxes, Kelly enlists Oscar in the support of a different Ryan, Angela is appropriately scandalized, Michael decides that votes are like paper, and Pam over-identifies with Jim's sensitive guy music. This . . . is what happens when your author watches too much American Idol.
Author's Note: So, um, I have this really shameful problem where I have gotten totally into American Idol (it was never going to get me! I went five years without being remotely interested! And oh, I suppose I was doomed to fall into its clutches sooner or later) and thus really uninspired about . . . you know, awesome fictional stuff. But [ profile] yourmomroxxs suggested that I do a fic blending The Office and American Idol, and I figured, hey. Our Dunder Mifflin Scrantonites are American. Maybe they suffer just as I do. Or something.

These don't all necessarily take place on the same day, because that would mean that they're as obsessed as I am, and that would just be sad.

Random notes!

Haley's by far my favourite contestant this year, I don't think it's anything approaching a big deal that she wore shorts (gasp! shock!), and I love the girl to death. But I had to forsake my personal preference in the face of the fact that Angela quite simply would not feel the same way.

Um, certain sentiments that Kelly voices repeatedly throughout this absolutely in no way reflect, say, my personal views, and quite simply . . . felt organic for her character, is all. Er, never mind the lj layout. I have no idea how that got there.

Also, this is, obviously, set before this past week's traumatic Idol happenings. Tear. Godspeed, Mr. Malakar. Godspeed.

Also also, I believe this is my first time writing Andy. Eep.

Also also ALSO (this is the author's note that ate your life), shout-out to [ profile] fireworkfiasco's amaaaazing 5 Reasons Why Being Gay Is Totally Awesome, which went there first with the Kelly/Oscar friendship and Kelly's way true Rymon suspicions. It will enrich your life so much!!

Bmmp—bchee—mm-bop-ba-bop-bop-mm-chickee-chickee-mm-bermph! BMMP. Meep-NEERP, oo-ahmph— NEERP, mm— )
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Title: Best Day Ever?
Pairing: Ryan/Kelly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,000
Spoilers: "Business School"
Summary: Sitting roughly four feet away from Kelly from nine to five -- take one. (Godspeed, Mr. Howard. Godspeed.)
Author's Note: This started spilling out of my brain while I should have been getting ready for class this morning, and then decided to be temperamental and not let me finish it until tonight. Meh. On the plus side, Ryan and Kelly really just make me happy.

Kelly laces her fingers through his as they step into the elevator. )
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Title: the brave soul
Character/Pairings: Pam; Jim/Pam, Pam/Toby, Pam/Roy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,551
Spoilers: "Business School"
Summary: There are certain paintings she leaves out. She doesn't like looking at them; they feel like accidents more than anything else.
Author's Note: This last episode reminded me exactly why and how much I love a certain Miss Pamela Beesly -- I'm in awe of how realistically and poignantly her character is being handled this season. After all of the Jim trauma, it's more than understandable that her Fancy New Beesly demeanor would regress, but with that comment from Gil (who had LINES!!), which, painful as it was, she needed to hear, I think we might just see the show bringing Fancy New Beesly back. Which pleases me so much that I'm apparently moved to make really lame Justin Timberlake references.

Um. Fic now. Riiiiiight.

And moreover, to succeed, the artist must possess the courageous soul. )
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Title: step away from me, michael
Pairings: Jan/Michael, Jim/Pam, Oscar/Gil
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,158
Spoilers: from after "The Client" to "A Benihana Christmas"
Summary: Five people who have considered obtaining restraining orders against Michael Scott.
Author's Note: This is just me being silly. :D Thanks to [ profile] falseeeyelashes for the prompt!

Would I rather be feared or loved? )
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Title: why the fruit is forbidden
Character/Pairing: Angela and her various almost-exploits
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,692
Spoilers: pre-series to "Traveling Salesman"
Summary: Five times Angela wishes she were a little bit whorish.
Author's Note: This prompt was suggested by the ever-lovely [ profile] allthingsholy, and this really just proves yet again that I am seriously incapable of being concise in any way whatsoever. So instead, there is this gigantic weird fic of Angela being crazy.

I randomly dedicate this to [ profile] elsbeth_lynn's husband, just because. ;-)

Angela is nineteen . . . )
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Title: aren't we a pair?
Pairings: Gil/Michael, Oscar/Gil, Michael/Jan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,477
Spoilers: Up through A Benihana Christmas; set a few weeks afterward
Summary: Gil tags along to Dunder Mifflin Scranton's Welcome Back Oscar! Fiesta, and Michael winds up finding an unexpected new friend. (Or, more specifically, friend slash would-be-lover-in-an-alternate-universe.)
Author's Note: Oh, man, I had irrational amounts of fun with this one. Possibly the most fun I've had writing for this fandom thus far, which is really saying something because I get way too giddy at the prospect of spending time with any of these characters.

You see, in terms of what this fic has going on for it, there's the fact that there's Gil. I have crazy, irrational amounts of love for Gil. (And his scarves.) Gil/Oscar is totally my "we've only had twenty seconds of screentime together but that was more than enough to win [ profile] dollsome's heart" OTP.

And then, there is the fact that Michael is a spaz, and only gets spazzier where, say, homosexuality is concerned. There are few things more fun to write than spaz Michael.

Throw in a little unexpected mushiness, and really, it's the most-fun-to-write fic ever. WHEE!

Also, this fic operates under the assumption that the Jamaica trip went very, very well. ;-)

(And yes, I stole Send in the Clowns lyrics for the title, because Barbra Streisand is a goddess among mere mortals. Seriously.)

Oscar is staring at Gil very, very gravely. )

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