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Title: Symmetry or something
Pairing: Kelly/Erin; Ryan/Kelly; Ryan/Pam
Spoilers: through "Company Picnic"
Word Count: 9,825
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryan does a number on Kelly's emotional well being, again. This time, Kelly finds a new solution.
Author's Note: Ahahaha, I did it! ... and it somehow became 10,000 words. In one sitting. Oh, I am feeling terribly drunk on MS Word and too much typing right now, y'all. But by God, I actually wrote this fic! (And it is a gigantic, frightening beasty thing, but whatever.)

I think a lot of this wound up exploring the shift in Kelly's character since season three -- is it just me, or has she become a lot less warm and fuzzy and ditzy and a lot more snappy? She talks smack, you guys! I figure it might just be The Further Inadvertent Evolution of Kelly, sort of like how she was a totally sane background character for the first like twenty episodes, but I kind of like to play around with the idea that it was kind of the result of Ryan Bailey Howard crushing her poor little heart.

Oh, God, I need to go collapse now.

But first, a moment of sadness: seriously, why are there no Erin icons??!?!

(p.s. This ship is called Kerin, Karen, Filippeli lives on forever, hurrah! I need to go to bed right now!)

'Hey, so, listen,' Ryan says after they hook up, 'you’re not gonna go all crazy on me or whatever, are you?' )
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Title: Sleepover
Character/Pairing: Ensemble
Spoilers: Set in between "Business Trip" and "Frame Toby"
Word Count: 2,336
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael decides to have a sleepover at the office. Shenanigans ensue. (Part 3 of 3)
Author's Note: At last, the end is upon us! (After all of ... three days.) I had so much fun with this; thank you so much, you guys, for receiving it so well. It has definitely brightened up my weekend. Possibly my general existence. ♥ all around, you beauteous humans!

(Also, the credit for 'bromigo' goes to [ profile] firthgal. I am not capable of such GENIUS.)

Truth or truth? )
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Title: Sleepover
Character/Pairing: Ensemble
Spoilers: Set in between "Business Trip" and "Frame Toby"
Word Count: 3,343
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael decides to have a sleepover at the office. Shenanigans ensue. (Part 2 of 3)
Author's Note: Ohhhh, you guys are all so awesome it almost causes me actual pain! Thanks for the great feedback on the first part. Did I ever tell you you're my heeeeroes?

It's like the dariest dare there is. )
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Title: Sleepover
Character/Pairing: Ensemble
Spoilers: Set in between "Business Trip" and "Frame Toby"
Word Count: 3,708
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael decides to have a sleepover at the office. Shenanigans ensue. (Part 1 of 3)
Author's Note: This is an idea that I've been dying to do for just about ever. My Office fics folder is littered with several few-line attempts at writing something about this plot idea. They can probably be traced all the way back to the ancient days of season three. Sleepover. Office. Come on! Endless hilarity! And ... stuff.

And this is written in script format rather than, you know, actual proper paragraphs and stuff, because you know that script of "Dinner Party" that came with the season four DVDs? It kept seducing me. All, 'Ooohhh, I'm so easy to write! Ooh, I require no narration!' And when it comes to zany, episodic-feeling ensemble stuff, I think it's probably a bit easier to convey the spirit of it in script anyway. Or maybe I'm just making excuses, because I did originally intend to switch over to normal-shaped fanfic, but then I got carried away with the glorious ease of this alternative.

Also, I had to write a ten page Contemporary Lit paper today, so paragraphs and I? We're not exactly pals right now.

Script format it is!

(Complete with Courier New. Ya know. For effect.)

We are having a sleepover. Here, at the office. )
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Title: Chivalry and the Citrus-Flavored Beverage (Or, Andy Bernard's Quest for Wall-Punching Redemption)
Pairing: Kelly/Andy
Spoilers: through "The Job"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,942
Summary: Ryan returns, to the great distress of everyone. Andy tries to ease the suffering.
Author's Note: KANDY. Yeah, that's all.

And, um, just in case anyone's curious, Andy's cat Montgomery is named after Elizabeth Montgomery, his secret ultimate dream woman. Bewitched is his favourite show in the history of ever. I don't know why. I just decided. It's all in the subtext. Or something.

The second that Big Turkey, Dunder Mifflin Scranton Betrayer slash Totally Despised Asshole Jerk, takes off after his first meeting with Michael, drama erupts. Big, big drama. )
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Title: your own kind of music
Pairing: Primarily ensemble, with some Jim/Pam in there
Spoilers: minor ones up to "Safety Training"
Word Count: 3,387
Rating: PG
Summary: Andy beatboxes, Kelly enlists Oscar in the support of a different Ryan, Angela is appropriately scandalized, Michael decides that votes are like paper, and Pam over-identifies with Jim's sensitive guy music. This . . . is what happens when your author watches too much American Idol.
Author's Note: So, um, I have this really shameful problem where I have gotten totally into American Idol (it was never going to get me! I went five years without being remotely interested! And oh, I suppose I was doomed to fall into its clutches sooner or later) and thus really uninspired about . . . you know, awesome fictional stuff. But [ profile] yourmomroxxs suggested that I do a fic blending The Office and American Idol, and I figured, hey. Our Dunder Mifflin Scrantonites are American. Maybe they suffer just as I do. Or something.

These don't all necessarily take place on the same day, because that would mean that they're as obsessed as I am, and that would just be sad.

Random notes!

Haley's by far my favourite contestant this year, I don't think it's anything approaching a big deal that she wore shorts (gasp! shock!), and I love the girl to death. But I had to forsake my personal preference in the face of the fact that Angela quite simply would not feel the same way.

Um, certain sentiments that Kelly voices repeatedly throughout this absolutely in no way reflect, say, my personal views, and quite simply . . . felt organic for her character, is all. Er, never mind the lj layout. I have no idea how that got there.

Also, this is, obviously, set before this past week's traumatic Idol happenings. Tear. Godspeed, Mr. Malakar. Godspeed.

Also also, I believe this is my first time writing Andy. Eep.

Also also ALSO (this is the author's note that ate your life), shout-out to [ profile] fireworkfiasco's amaaaazing 5 Reasons Why Being Gay Is Totally Awesome, which went there first with the Kelly/Oscar friendship and Kelly's way true Rymon suspicions. It will enrich your life so much!!

Bmmp—bchee—mm-bop-ba-bop-bop-mm-chickee-chickee-mm-bermph! BMMP. Meep-NEERP, oo-ahmph— NEERP, mm— )
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Title: Office Strange Love (Or, How Dwight Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Angela)
Pairing/Characters: Dwight/Angela, with some Jim, Pam, and Creed for good measure. And also Mose.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,543
Spoilers: Spans from pre-series to "Performance Review"
Summary: The Jedi must not know love. Volunteer sheriff's deputies should be no different. Dwight fights his tumultuous attraction to a certain head accountant.
Author's Note: I am relatively sure I will never feel fully sane again after writing this. What a way to kick off 2007.

Dwight hates Angela. )
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Title: aren't we a pair?
Pairings: Gil/Michael, Oscar/Gil, Michael/Jan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,477
Spoilers: Up through A Benihana Christmas; set a few weeks afterward
Summary: Gil tags along to Dunder Mifflin Scranton's Welcome Back Oscar! Fiesta, and Michael winds up finding an unexpected new friend. (Or, more specifically, friend slash would-be-lover-in-an-alternate-universe.)
Author's Note: Oh, man, I had irrational amounts of fun with this one. Possibly the most fun I've had writing for this fandom thus far, which is really saying something because I get way too giddy at the prospect of spending time with any of these characters.

You see, in terms of what this fic has going on for it, there's the fact that there's Gil. I have crazy, irrational amounts of love for Gil. (And his scarves.) Gil/Oscar is totally my "we've only had twenty seconds of screentime together but that was more than enough to win [ profile] dollsome's heart" OTP.

And then, there is the fact that Michael is a spaz, and only gets spazzier where, say, homosexuality is concerned. There are few things more fun to write than spaz Michael.

Throw in a little unexpected mushiness, and really, it's the most-fun-to-write fic ever. WHEE!

Also, this fic operates under the assumption that the Jamaica trip went very, very well. ;-)

(And yes, I stole Send in the Clowns lyrics for the title, because Barbra Streisand is a goddess among mere mortals. Seriously.)

Oscar is staring at Gil very, very gravely. )
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Title: Brokeback (Dunder) Mifflin?
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble, with Ryan/Kelly, Dwight/Angela, Michael/Jan, Pam missing Jim, and Michael/Ryan. Sort of.
Spoilers: Set after 3x05 - "Initiation"
Word Count: 5,723
Summary: It's Halloween at the office, and, drawing his costume inspiration from a certain Ledger-and-Gyllenhaal flick, Michael wishes he knew how to quit Ryan. Everyone else just wishes they knew how to quit. Featuring Dwight's Lost obsession, increasingly pissed-off!Jan, and a paper mâché head!
Author's Note: Oh, man, this was fun. These characters bring me far more joy and entertainment than can possibly be healthy.

Michael tips his cowboy hat at the camera. )
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Title: Nobody's Business But the People Involved?
Characters: More or less everyone at the Scranton branch, with mentions of Michael, Jan, and Jim
Spoilers: Up through Diwali
Summary: After what went down in Diwali, the Scranton employees offer their input on that timeless question: Jan or Carol?
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,076
A/N: I have no idea when we're actually supposed to get Oscar back, but I couldn't resist throwing him in. Just 'cause. And this fic more or less operates under the assumption that everyone's as fixated on Michael/Jan as I am. ;-)

Now, which one's Jan? )

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