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Title: Gosh, Your Lips Look Delicious (Or Not)
Character/Pairing: Kelly; Ryan/Kelly, Kelly/Dwight
Word Count: 1,673
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set during 2x10 "Christmas Party"
Summary: Kelly does some vodka-addled thinking.
Author's Note: The legendary [ profile] firthgal gave me the prompt "Five times Kelly is turned on by Dwight." Sadly, I am all rusty writing-wise, and could only come up with one moment where my brain could even remotely move in that direction. And then Kelly started rambling, in that way that Kelly is wont to do, and ... thus, this?

Elves, just so you know, are actually really sexy and cool. )
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Title: ever afters
Pairing(s): Ryan/Kelly, Michael/Jan, Dwight/Angela, Jim/Pam
Spoilers: through "The Job"
Word Count: 1,014
Rating: PG
Summary: Endings, angry dogs, beet fields, and beginnings. In that order. (The romantic aftermath of The Job.)
Author's Note: This started as just the Ryan/Kelly section, and then I couldn't resist fleshing it out a little. Because it's Sunday, and I have a history paper I need to be writing, and avoiding productivity? It's sort of my thing.

This is how the breakup goes-- )
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Title: Chivalry and the Citrus-Flavored Beverage (Or, Andy Bernard's Quest for Wall-Punching Redemption)
Pairing: Kelly/Andy
Spoilers: through "The Job"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,942
Summary: Ryan returns, to the great distress of everyone. Andy tries to ease the suffering.
Author's Note: KANDY. Yeah, that's all.

And, um, just in case anyone's curious, Andy's cat Montgomery is named after Elizabeth Montgomery, his secret ultimate dream woman. Bewitched is his favourite show in the history of ever. I don't know why. I just decided. It's all in the subtext. Or something.

The second that Big Turkey, Dunder Mifflin Scranton Betrayer slash Totally Despised Asshole Jerk, takes off after his first meeting with Michael, drama erupts. Big, big drama. )
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Title: My Wonderwall
Pairing: JAM, but of course!
Spoilers: All the way to "The Job" (sidenote? squeeeeee!!!)
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: Five reasons JAM is meant to be! :)
Author's Note: . . . yeah. I don't . . . know where this came from, exactly. But that doesn't matter. What matters, y'all, is the power of JAM.

1. Roy's a jerk, and he doesn't get Pam at all. Not like Jim . . . )
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Title: just like the movies
Pairing: Ryan/Kelly, with a smidgen of Dwight/Angela
Spoilers: pretty general s3, with a tiny sort-of reference to "Product Recall"
Word Count: 2,218
Rating: PG (with one f-word, but the rest is very tame; avert your eyes if you must!)
Summary: When it rains, it pours. And makes Kelly want to reenact The Notebook.
Author's Note: So, um, this was going to be for [ profile] office500 (which -- GO JOIN, all you Office fic writers you!), except, well, I ignored the 500 part and it somehow became 2,000+. Because I fail at life.

This is pretty much unrelentingly fluffy. That's all. I think I'm allowed, because he kissed her forehead.

It's raining. )
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Title: your own kind of music
Pairing: Primarily ensemble, with some Jim/Pam in there
Spoilers: minor ones up to "Safety Training"
Word Count: 3,387
Rating: PG
Summary: Andy beatboxes, Kelly enlists Oscar in the support of a different Ryan, Angela is appropriately scandalized, Michael decides that votes are like paper, and Pam over-identifies with Jim's sensitive guy music. This . . . is what happens when your author watches too much American Idol.
Author's Note: So, um, I have this really shameful problem where I have gotten totally into American Idol (it was never going to get me! I went five years without being remotely interested! And oh, I suppose I was doomed to fall into its clutches sooner or later) and thus really uninspired about . . . you know, awesome fictional stuff. But [ profile] yourmomroxxs suggested that I do a fic blending The Office and American Idol, and I figured, hey. Our Dunder Mifflin Scrantonites are American. Maybe they suffer just as I do. Or something.

These don't all necessarily take place on the same day, because that would mean that they're as obsessed as I am, and that would just be sad.

Random notes!

Haley's by far my favourite contestant this year, I don't think it's anything approaching a big deal that she wore shorts (gasp! shock!), and I love the girl to death. But I had to forsake my personal preference in the face of the fact that Angela quite simply would not feel the same way.

Um, certain sentiments that Kelly voices repeatedly throughout this absolutely in no way reflect, say, my personal views, and quite simply . . . felt organic for her character, is all. Er, never mind the lj layout. I have no idea how that got there.

Also, this is, obviously, set before this past week's traumatic Idol happenings. Tear. Godspeed, Mr. Malakar. Godspeed.

Also also, I believe this is my first time writing Andy. Eep.

Also also ALSO (this is the author's note that ate your life), shout-out to [ profile] fireworkfiasco's amaaaazing 5 Reasons Why Being Gay Is Totally Awesome, which went there first with the Kelly/Oscar friendship and Kelly's way true Rymon suspicions. It will enrich your life so much!!

Bmmp—bchee—mm-bop-ba-bop-bop-mm-chickee-chickee-mm-bermph! BMMP. Meep-NEERP, oo-ahmph— NEERP, mm— )
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Title: love & marriage?
Pairing: Dwight/Jim. Kinda.
Spoilers: general season 3
Word Count: 500
Rating: G
Summary: Jim pops the question. To Dwight.
Author's Note: Heh, this is so just me trying to make the time 'till American Idol comes on go by faster. So, um, don't mind the madness. This is inspired by discussions with [ profile] yourmomroxxs. :)

Dwight is lecturing Jim on proper sales call etiquette. )
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Title: Best Day Ever?
Pairing: Ryan/Kelly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,000
Spoilers: "Business School"
Summary: Sitting roughly four feet away from Kelly from nine to five -- take one. (Godspeed, Mr. Howard. Godspeed.)
Author's Note: This started spilling out of my brain while I should have been getting ready for class this morning, and then decided to be temperamental and not let me finish it until tonight. Meh. On the plus side, Ryan and Kelly really just make me happy.

Kelly laces her fingers through his as they step into the elevator. )
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Title: why the fruit is forbidden
Character/Pairing: Angela and her various almost-exploits
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,692
Spoilers: pre-series to "Traveling Salesman"
Summary: Five times Angela wishes she were a little bit whorish.
Author's Note: This prompt was suggested by the ever-lovely [ profile] allthingsholy, and this really just proves yet again that I am seriously incapable of being concise in any way whatsoever. So instead, there is this gigantic weird fic of Angela being crazy.

I randomly dedicate this to [ profile] elsbeth_lynn's husband, just because. ;-)

Angela is nineteen . . . )
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Title: The Weekend Pastimes and Practices of Dwight K. Schrute
Characters/Pairings: Dwight/Angela, Mose
Rating: G
Word Count: 574
Spoilers: None, really. Pretty darn general.
Summary: Because really. What does Dwight do on his weekends off?
Author's Note: Bwahaha, I posted a meme where people on my flist could ask my fandom opinion about anything, and [ profile] delleve asked what Dwight does on his weekends off. And, er, it turns out I apparently feel more about this subject than I'd thought. Ergo, random ficlet.

Five o'clock on Friday rolls around . . . )
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Title: so hold on
Pairings: Ryan/Kelly, Toby/Pam, Jim/Karen, Michael/Jan, Dwight/Angela
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,235
Spoilers: Up through "Traveling Salesman," including the second deleted scene
Summary: The aftermath of "Traveling Salesman." 'Cause everybody hurts sometimes.
Author's Note: This episode was so emotionally scarring, I swear. OH DWIGHT. Ergo . . . this?

They were all Stanley. )
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Title: well then i like seeing you at bedtime
Pairings: Jim/Karen, Ryan/Kelly, Michael/Jan, Dwight/Angela, Pam/Toby
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,675
Spoilers: Set in the not-too-distant future after "Back from Vacation"
Summary: Pillow talk, or something like it.
Author's Note: So, this is pretty much just me basking in how much I love all of these ships, heh. (And certain other fandoms, like, say, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Thankfully, I'm subtle about it.) Title is a line stolen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because clearly my two television show loves must meet someday. (And TOTALLY WILL; yay for Joss directing in the spring!)

Also, my not-entirely-unfounded suspicion that Karen is a Buffy fan is taken from the fact that her Call of Duty name was 'KarentheJimSlayer' in The Coup. So . . . there?

Truth or dare. )
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Title: Office Strange Love (Or, How Dwight Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Angela)
Pairing/Characters: Dwight/Angela, with some Jim, Pam, and Creed for good measure. And also Mose.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,543
Spoilers: Spans from pre-series to "Performance Review"
Summary: The Jedi must not know love. Volunteer sheriff's deputies should be no different. Dwight fights his tumultuous attraction to a certain head accountant.
Author's Note: I am relatively sure I will never feel fully sane again after writing this. What a way to kick off 2007.

Dwight hates Angela. )
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Title: against the gloom and the fluorescent lights
Pairing/Characters: Jim/Pam, with a hearty dose of Dwight
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,744
Spoilers: Set pre-series
Summary: It takes three days for Jim to decide that the new receptionist is pretty much the greatest girl ever.
Author's Note: Whoa. I'm actually . . . writing about Jim and Pam. Surely, the world has gone flat!!

But seriously. Even if I do sort of get annoyed at them sometimes, and get tempted by the exquisite lures of Pam/Toby and Jim/Karen and Pam/Karen and Pam/Roy, I do love them deep down.

He knows she's cool right away . . . )
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Title: Brokeback (Dunder) Mifflin?
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble, with Ryan/Kelly, Dwight/Angela, Michael/Jan, Pam missing Jim, and Michael/Ryan. Sort of.
Spoilers: Set after 3x05 - "Initiation"
Word Count: 5,723
Summary: It's Halloween at the office, and, drawing his costume inspiration from a certain Ledger-and-Gyllenhaal flick, Michael wishes he knew how to quit Ryan. Everyone else just wishes they knew how to quit. Featuring Dwight's Lost obsession, increasingly pissed-off!Jan, and a paper mâché head!
Author's Note: Oh, man, this was fun. These characters bring me far more joy and entertainment than can possibly be healthy.

Michael tips his cowboy hat at the camera. )
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Title: Wanton Faux Professionalism
Characters: Angela, Jan, Michael, Dwight
Pairings: Angela/Jan (gen), Michael/Jan
Spoilers: Set during Boys and Girls
Word Count: 1,983
Summary: The paper industry is no place for a shameless femme fatale. That much should be obvious, and yet Angela can’t help suspecting that she’s the only one who sees it.
Author's Note: This one's weird, and honestly, I have no idea how I feel about it. Writing Angela is intimidating, just because . . . well, Angela's intimidating, and such a specific character. But I saw that nothing had been written yet for the Angela/Jan prompt on [ profile] office_romances, and my mind ran away with me. Alas, this was much better in my head. Ain't that always the way?

Angela has perfectly nice legs. )

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