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This is for the lovely [ profile] ever_neutral, who asked for Barney and Robin babysitting Marshall and Lily's kid! Of course, after the most recent episode, this was just doomed to become a mess of Feelings.

love for one so small - How I Met Your Mother ; Barney/Robin ; 620 words ; spoilers through "Symphony of Illumination." Barney and Robin babysit Marshall and Lily's kid for the first time.

It's quiet in Marshall and Lily's apartment. )
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Title: I know you get me (so I let my walls come down)
Pairing: Barney/Robin
Spoilers: through 6x08 - "Natural History"
Word Count: 1,424
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Barney is sad, Robin is awesome, and being with her makes it kind of easy to stop being sad and be awesome instead.
Author's Note: For The Shiny Happy Ficathon. I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH. Season six, thank you for being wonderful.

Barney knows that he was kind of a jerk to Robin. )
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Title: He’s A Magic Man – Or, Barney Started The Fire
Pairing: Barney/Robin
Spoilers: General Season 4
Word Count: 1,872
Rating: PG
Summary: While busting out his magic skills, a drunken Barney has a slight fire incident. Robin comes to the rescue.
Author's Note: I was having a glum, productivity-devoid kinda day, and then I drank an iced tea and this appeared! Oh, caffeine, you are my life partner. Written for [ profile] nikitembo's prompt "brotp, magic." :D

It’s like three in the morning when Ted and Barney come up from MacLaren’s, Ted drunkish and Barney drunkity-drunk-drunk. )
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Title: Undazzled
Prompt: Marshall/Lily, names (courtesy of [ profile] sunshine_queen!)
Word Count: 354
Summary: Marshall makes a horrific discovery.

Marshall takes it pretty hard. )
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Oh, you know there had to be picspamming. Slightly sloppy picspamming, where nothing's the same size and everything's CRAZY, but come on! Can you really expect me to produce anything that looks like it was done by a sane person tonight? Really.

ajfadlkjfa! )

I now want to do a Barney/Robin vid to "Kill the Director" by The Wombats so badly that it almost physically paaaains me. This whole episode was begging for it! Begging!
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So, this morning I was vacuuming at work, and the idea for this just randomly came into my head. And then I came home and ... actually made it?! It's no longer trapped in the bleak limbo of My Imaginary Fanvids! And I quite like how it turned out too!

So, this is a trailer for How I Met Your Mother! And, hey, if you don't watch How I Met Your Mother, watch it and it will ... make you want to?


Mostly, I just love this song. It ain't just for Bones anymore!

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Title: through and through
Pairing: Barney/Robin
Spoilers: through 3x18 - "Rebound Bro"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,173
Summary: Post-"Rebound Bro." Barney and Robin patch things up.
Author's Note: Ahhh, the product of my first day of pointless summer vacationing! This wound up a lot longer and sappier than I meant for it to be. Yaaaay?

Robin hadn’t meant to stay out any later than necessary tonight. )
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[01-30] How I Met Your Mother
[31-37] Neil Patrick Harris & Cobie Smulders

right here @ [ profile] fivequeenlywits

Random fun thing I learned today: searching for 'Neil Patrick Harris Cobie Smulders' on GettyImages results in some serious adorability. It's also sort of cruel, because you can't click on the pictures and see them big, but I did what I could with the itty bitty thumbnails, by God! Because the pictures were just that cute.
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Title: feet touch the ground
Pairing: Barney/Robin
Spoilers: through 3x17 - "The Goat"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,518
Summary: Robin deals with the events of "The Goat," in true Scherbatsky style.
Author's Note: Finals started today. I've got a zillion essays to write and like a hundred and fifty years of Western history to learn by Friday. So naturally, I spend my free-ish afternoon writing fic. But after last night's episode, by God, I think it was necessary.

She doesn’t talk about it again until a few days afterward. )
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So, er, this is what I did today instead of the zillion hours of schoolwork I have to complete this weekend.

I think it was a wise decision, personally.

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Title: Bromanian Rhapsody
Pairing: Barney/Robin
Spoilers: Set sometime post-season three, with references to oblique hints from 3x01
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,618
Summary: In the wake of Ted meeting The Mother, Barney prepares to lose his wingman to the evils of monogamy once and for all. Robin gets to console him.
Author's Note: You know, I'm kind of surprised it took me this long to get around to trying my hand at writing these two! It was quite fun. And also gave me an excuse to listen to Let's Go To The Mall about ten times on repeat, which -- bonus. Although, come to think of it, does one really need an excuse to listen to Let's Go To The Mall ten times on repeat?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Ted's going umbrella shopping in the morning. )
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[ profile] barneyrobin!

And all right, there's not actually anything there yet, but I figured I'd get the word out anyhow!
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[16] How I Met Your Mother - Barney/Robin

right here @ [ profile] fivequeenlywits

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