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This is for the always fabulous [ profile] rainbowstevie, who asked for a discussion about True Blood between Ryan and Pam! :)

work is a vampire - The Office ; Ryan & Pam ; 678 words. "Okay, three reasons you are wrong about True Blood."

Pam has the baby. It doesn't do wonders for her 'I'm going into labor' excuse. )
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I managed to actually write all my prompts for the three line stories fic meme, what odd miracle is this! And so of course I must commemorate by putting them all here.

Some of these are nonsense, because, um, a story in three lines? Have you met me and the endless stream of babble that is my default setting? Also, sometimes they just aren't three lines. Ha ha, rebellion!

For [ profile] zombie_boogie : Parks and Rec, Leslie/Ben, sugar high )

For [ profile] crackers4jenn : Community, Jeff/Annie, ain't no damsel in distress )

For [ profile] crackers4jenn : The Office, Pam/Ryan, KELLY FINDS OUT. )

For [ profile] magpieinthesky : How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Robin, three scotches )

For [ profile] sunshine_queen : Dollhouse, DeWitt/Dominic, So it's true, the trick is complete )

For [ profile] darling_ashes : Dollhouse, DeWitt/Dominic, color coordination )

For [ profile] miss_atom : Doctor Who, Eleven/River, lollipops (see here!)

For [ profile] mayonegg : Glee, Puck/Lauren, champion )

For [ profile] winninghearts : 30 Rock, Liz/Wesley, hot soup )

For [ profile] ever_neutral : Angel, Wes/Cordy, your last disaster )

For [ profile] luna_lovegood21 : Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack/Elizabeth, something sexy )
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(Omg, I will always love these silly fools the best of all.)
Written for [ profile] softly_me's prompt for The Second Shiny Happy Ficathon. :D

the office || ryan/kelly || but you're MY hot mess

Five years! )
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Title: A Bit of Both
Characters/Pairing: Oscar/Gabe, general Office ensemble
Word Count: 3,276
Rating: PG
Spoilers: general through season 6
Summary: Oscar and Gabe vie for Warehouse Hottie Matt's affections. It's hard to say who does worse.
Author's Note: Dear The Office,
Can this happen in season 7 please?

I dream big.

All's fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both. )
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Title: An Engagement To Not Entirely Forget
Pairing: Andy/Erin; Andy/Angela
Word Count: 1,201
Summary: The depths of Andy's Erin-pining drive him to Nicholas Sparks.
Author's Note: This was supposed to be like THREE SENTENCES for that books-that-characters-would-like meme, but, 'Nay!' this idea decreed. 'I want to be an actual fanfiction instead!' To which I said, 'Well, okay, fine, you silly idea.' Thank you, [ profile] firthgal, for asking about Andy! Also, I wrote this in like fifteen minutes in a lj comment box, so it's possible it is not exactly my most polished work.

The whole business of being crazy in one-sided love with the lady Erin Hannon leaves the 'Nard Dog feeling a little down in the dumps, a little emotionally vulnerable. )
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Title: It's Complicated & Stupid
Pairing: Oscar/Andy
Word Count: 1,078
Summary: At least Andy’s imbibed a lot of alcohol by the time he goes, “Hey----------” (The everlasting pause involves lots of pensive brow-wriggling.) “---------maybe we should practice.”
Author's Note: Sad fact: this has been in the works for weeks. It was born on the eve that the Spoiler of Joy was released. Writer's block is an unpleasant phenomenon, you guys!

Cherry cherry boom boom! )
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Title: Symmetry or something
Pairing: Kelly/Erin; Ryan/Kelly; Ryan/Pam
Spoilers: through "Company Picnic"
Word Count: 9,825
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryan does a number on Kelly's emotional well being, again. This time, Kelly finds a new solution.
Author's Note: Ahahaha, I did it! ... and it somehow became 10,000 words. In one sitting. Oh, I am feeling terribly drunk on MS Word and too much typing right now, y'all. But by God, I actually wrote this fic! (And it is a gigantic, frightening beasty thing, but whatever.)

I think a lot of this wound up exploring the shift in Kelly's character since season three -- is it just me, or has she become a lot less warm and fuzzy and ditzy and a lot more snappy? She talks smack, you guys! I figure it might just be The Further Inadvertent Evolution of Kelly, sort of like how she was a totally sane background character for the first like twenty episodes, but I kind of like to play around with the idea that it was kind of the result of Ryan Bailey Howard crushing her poor little heart.

Oh, God, I need to go collapse now.

But first, a moment of sadness: seriously, why are there no Erin icons??!?!

(p.s. This ship is called Kerin, Karen, Filippeli lives on forever, hurrah! I need to go to bed right now!)

'Hey, so, listen,' Ryan says after they hook up, 'you’re not gonna go all crazy on me or whatever, are you?' )
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Title: Gosh, Your Lips Look Delicious (Or Not)
Character/Pairing: Kelly; Ryan/Kelly, Kelly/Dwight
Word Count: 1,673
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set during 2x10 "Christmas Party"
Summary: Kelly does some vodka-addled thinking.
Author's Note: The legendary [ profile] firthgal gave me the prompt "Five times Kelly is turned on by Dwight." Sadly, I am all rusty writing-wise, and could only come up with one moment where my brain could even remotely move in that direction. And then Kelly started rambling, in that way that Kelly is wont to do, and ... thus, this?

Elves, just so you know, are actually really sexy and cool. )
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Title: Sleepover
Character/Pairing: Ensemble
Spoilers: Set in between "Business Trip" and "Frame Toby"
Word Count: 2,336
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael decides to have a sleepover at the office. Shenanigans ensue. (Part 3 of 3)
Author's Note: At last, the end is upon us! (After all of ... three days.) I had so much fun with this; thank you so much, you guys, for receiving it so well. It has definitely brightened up my weekend. Possibly my general existence. ♥ all around, you beauteous humans!

(Also, the credit for 'bromigo' goes to [ profile] firthgal. I am not capable of such GENIUS.)

Truth or truth? )
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Title: Sleepover
Character/Pairing: Ensemble
Spoilers: Set in between "Business Trip" and "Frame Toby"
Word Count: 3,343
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael decides to have a sleepover at the office. Shenanigans ensue. (Part 2 of 3)
Author's Note: Ohhhh, you guys are all so awesome it almost causes me actual pain! Thanks for the great feedback on the first part. Did I ever tell you you're my heeeeroes?

It's like the dariest dare there is. )
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Title: Sleepover
Character/Pairing: Ensemble
Spoilers: Set in between "Business Trip" and "Frame Toby"
Word Count: 3,708
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael decides to have a sleepover at the office. Shenanigans ensue. (Part 1 of 3)
Author's Note: This is an idea that I've been dying to do for just about ever. My Office fics folder is littered with several few-line attempts at writing something about this plot idea. They can probably be traced all the way back to the ancient days of season three. Sleepover. Office. Come on! Endless hilarity! And ... stuff.

And this is written in script format rather than, you know, actual proper paragraphs and stuff, because you know that script of "Dinner Party" that came with the season four DVDs? It kept seducing me. All, 'Ooohhh, I'm so easy to write! Ooh, I require no narration!' And when it comes to zany, episodic-feeling ensemble stuff, I think it's probably a bit easier to convey the spirit of it in script anyway. Or maybe I'm just making excuses, because I did originally intend to switch over to normal-shaped fanfic, but then I got carried away with the glorious ease of this alternative.

Also, I had to write a ten page Contemporary Lit paper today, so paragraphs and I? We're not exactly pals right now.

Script format it is!

(Complete with Courier New. Ya know. For effect.)

We are having a sleepover. Here, at the office. )
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Title: or am i standing still
Pairing: Michael/Holly
Word Count: 2,274
Spoilers: through "Business Trip"; set in speculative future land
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael, Holly, and moving on.
Author's Note: Aaaughhh, what's wrong with me, IT'S LIKE A SICKNESS. It's like the universe suddenly went, 'Hmm, November. Finals. Thousands upon thousands of words of terrifying essays due. National Novel Writing Month! I KNOW. Now is time for you to make up for not writing any Office fic for a year!!'

It's just ... the only explanation I can even come up with, damn it.

I don't even really know why I wrote this, other than to let out my feelings. Which are bountiful, and tormented. (To the point where they drive me to quote Jewel in my poorly crafted titles, zounds.) Oh, Michael/Holly. ♥

Once she moves back to Nashua, Holly settles in again pretty fast. )
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Title: if my wishes can all come true
Pairing: Andy/Angela
Word Count: 1,102
Spoilers: set pre-“Employee Transfer”
Rating: G
Summary: Andy and Angela discuss Halloween costumes. For [ profile] office500.
Author's Note: I hadn't written Andy/Angela yet!! You know it had to happen.

'I thought that was a joke.' )
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Title: deserving something
Pairing: Andy/Oscar
Word Count: 3,353
Spoilers: set in a distant-ish speculative future after "Business Trip"
Rating: PG
Summary: It's Andy's bachelor party, and Oscar's not really enjoying it. Neither is Andy.
Author's Note: I would like to thank (Blame? Thank? Blame? Thank? Blame??) last night's episode, and [ profile] kyrafic for this wonderful gem of a missing scene. I would also like to thank my ten page Contemporary Lit paper for being horrifying enough to drive me into the arms of fanfic, where writing ten pages is really easy.

Whatever, I don't know, I LOVE THESE DUDES, THEY SHOULD FALL IN LOVE. It would solve so many of my (well, Office-related) problems.

Oscar doesn’t want to be at Andy’s bachelor party. )
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Title: a grown up woman should never fall so easily
Pairing: Ryan/Kelly
Spoilers: general Season 5
Word Count: 1,507
Summary: The New And Improved Ryan Howard tries to win Kelly over via voluntary karaoke participation. It doesn't really work.
Author's Note: For [ profile] amathela's prompt, 'Ryan/Kelly, karaoke.' This got worryingly emotional out of nowhere.

I'm kind of frightened of how much stuff I've written today.

Kelly is disappointed. )
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Title: the ups and downs of next to you
Pairing: Angela & Oscar
Spoilers: Spans from early on (pre-series? You decide!) to Speculative Season 5 Land
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,747
Summary: Four times Angela wants to move away from Oscar, and one time she's glad that she's where she is.
Author's Note: Thank you to [ profile] musical_junkie for the excellent prompt, and to my homework for being so damn easy to ignore!

And, wow, I had to do a spot of editing there and change Angela's Opposite Of Art, It Destroys Art, It's So Much More Offensive To Oscar Than Hardcore Porn baby poster from firefighters to musicians! I have no idea why I remembered it as firefighters. A definite sign I've been away from this show for too long.

Oscar's typing is abnormally loud. )
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Title: know it by heart
Pairing: Ryan/Kelly
Spoilers: through "Goodbye Toby"
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,240
Summary: It's his first night in jail, and Ryan's thinking about Kelly. Not that he wants to.
Author's Note: Apparently, this is me "doing my reading for school." Um. Don't tell anyone?

In other news, I am experiencing a resurgence of Ryan/Kelly love so strong it is truly frightening. THEY'LL FIND EACH OTHER AGAIN, THEY WILL, THEY WILL. If we all cross our fingers and hope hard enough, maybe we'll make it happen? Let's do it, guys!

The thing is, he's in jail. )
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Title: finer things (or lack thereof)
Pairing: Pam/Toby
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,352
Summary: The Finer Things Club does Sense & Sensibility.
Author's Note: So, wow, I am just out of practice at this! Could not think of a title! Could not think of a summary! The fic itself is stilted and weird and awkward! However, I justify this by the fact that Toby, around Pam? Kind of stilted and weird and awkward. (Oh, Toby.)

Also, it has been a really, really long time since I did Office fic. So, er, all my sins are forgiven? RIGHT.

I don't know much. All I know is that I love Toby. And Pam/Toby. And Oscar. And the flippin' Finer Things Club.

Maybe that's all we really need to know.

(Sidenote: It's weird to write Pam so happy. I'm used to being in season three fanfic-wise!)

Austen's sort of inevitable. )
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Title: there's such a thing as good grief
Characters: Angela, Mose
Spoilers: through "Dunder Mifflin Infinity"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,363
Summary: Angela finds an unlikely source of (something that vaguely resembles) comfort.
Author's Note: Almost immediately after I saw Fun Run, this idea occurred to me. And then this deleted scene came along, which I couldn't help but take as an actual sign from the Office gods. Oh, Office gods. I do so dig y'all.

Angela is having a bad day. )

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