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I wanted a little backstory on this wee ficlet, and it turned into more than I expected! So I guess we have a work in progress of sorts going on here. :)

so happy together - Matthew gets engaged. Mary is heartbroken. (But will only cry in front of Carson, of course.) And then Mary meets Lavinia, and everything changes. A series of modern AU vignettes.

Part 1 - The worst news of Mary Crawley's life comes to her, unsurprisingly, through her sister Edith. )
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Approximately eight thousand years ago, on a comment ficathon I cannot even remember anymore, [ profile] oliveoyl/the diabolical zlot left the prompt "Mary/Lavinia, a pair of bluestockings." Finally, this exists!

the movement and the spin - Downton Abbey ; Mary/Lavinia ; 3,869 words ; sequel to there is thunder in our hearts. Mary wisely chooses not to include the part where she cannot seem to want to stop kissing Lavinia Swire. Full disclosure is hardly how things are done at Downton, after all.

How are you, m'lady? )
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it's you season - Mary/Lavinia, AU fluff, for [ profile] oliveoyl's prompt: "I am a hunter. And it's you season." :D

This is Very Serious Stuff Of The Highest Order. The odious Amelia comes from Adventuring for Ladies.

It's tradition. )
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Some Christmastime Mary & Lavinia for the brilliant [ profile] evewithanapple! :)

where to begin - Downton Abbey ; Mary & Lavinia ; 837 words ; set between 2x06 and 2x07. They don’t have to like her, Lavinia has decided, but they must accept her. She isn’t going anywhere. She hopes the liking will come in time.

Christmas at Downton Abbey feels like a dream. )
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This was actually due on the 13th, but inspiration struck and there was nothing scheduled for today, so, boom! This is for the extremely wonderful [ profile] zombie_boogie, who asked for Mary/Matthew/Lavinia of some sort. Happy December, lady! :D

Also: I do not really know what is up with my current addiction to second person POVs.

I tell my love to wreck it all - Downton Abbey ; Matthew, Mary, & Lavinia ; ~3,600 words ; PG ; season two finale AU ; It always seems to come down to surviving the night, and Lavinia does, against all odds.

When the morning light comes, once she’s woken and Dr. Clarkson’s allowed it, Matthew rushes in to see her. The door is left ajar. You watch them through the open space. )
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Title: Do No Harm
Pairing: O'Brien/Cora
Word Count: 1,800
Rating: PG
Spoilers: through the season two finale
Summary: She’s paler than you’d like, and just watching her stand makes your heart jump, fearful, to your throat. It’s a shadow of what you felt before, her forehead burning beneath your fingers, but a shadow’s plenty bad enough.
Author's Note: So, I spent all season like 'OH MY GOD, I NEED TO WRITE RIDICULOUS INTROSPECTIVE O'BRIEN FIC BECAUSE HER CORA FEELINGS ARE KILLING ME,' so that ... is what I did. At last! I blame caffeine.

She’s weak still, for all she says about feeling much better. )
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Title: To A Happier Year
Pairing: Thomas Barrow/Edward Courtenay
Word Count: 748
Spoilers: 2x02
Summary: You're lucky I trust you. Thomas takes Lieutenant Courtenay on an outing.
Author's Note: Written for the Downton Abbey Comment Ficathon. (Everyone come hang out, it is tons of fun!) I wrote this as a sort of what-might-have-been AU, but considering how wonkily this show handles the passage of time, I guess it could fit somewhere into canon!

'I can arrange it,' the Lady Sybil promises, and to her credit, she does. The three of them nearly make their escape one sunny morning, before the wrath of Clarkson catches them up at the last moment. )

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