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For the awesome [ profile] winninghearts, who wanted Amy and River and holidays!

start something - Doctor Who ; Amy & River ; post-s6 ; 540 words. River pays her parents a holiday visit.

River drops in on Christmas Eve looking slightly singed and very triumphant. )
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This is for the lovely [ profile] penny_lane_42, who asked for: 'Amy/Rory and River, trying to figure out how to make their weird little family work.' I appear to have used up all my thoughtfulness and sensitivity on The Weight of Us, because this is absolutely, absolutely silly. I blame the Doctor for sneaking in.

Let It Be Awkward - Doctor Who ; Amy, Rory, River & the Doctor ; 1,000 words. In which the Ponds get woken up in the middle of the night, River wears a smashing dress, the Doctor does not wear enough, and potassium is discussed.

Um. You're grounded? )
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Title: The Weight of Us
Characters/Pairing: Amy, Rory, River; Amy/Rory
Spoilers: through "Let's Kill Hitler"; set between "A Good Man Goes To War" and "Let's Kill Hitler"
Word Count: 4,662
Rating: PG
Summary: Amy Pond, and motherhood.

It’s not like on television or in the films, where they hand you the baby right away. )
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Title: You're Just My Cup Of Tea, Or: Domesticity Is Setting In
Pairing: Eleven/River
Spoilers: through 6x07 "A Good Man Goes To War"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,029
Summary: The Doctor, River, and teacups. Flirting ensues! Again, some more.
Author's Note: For [ profile] lalumena's prompt: 'doctor/river, teacup theft.' :D

Ah ah ah. )
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This was written before I'd seen "A Good Man Goes To War" (which I just did! At last!), and my mind is still a little too oOooooOoOoO! to be able to tell whether it works in the context of all this shiny new canon knowledge. OH WELL, it was fun to write; these two, in their infinite awesomeness! ♥ This was another one for the first kiss fic meme.

Also: the Doctor, though rockin' another face in this one, is so clearly Elevenish, because how does one resist the power of Eleven/River-style banter? They do not! I am just going to say ... being around her makes him feel inescapably Eleventastic. Also, I am not creative enough to write a version of the Doctor that doesn't even exist yet. And there are few joys superior to imagining Matt Smith saying stuff.

Your firsts are my lasts Doctor Who | Doctor/River | 960 words | not much in the way of spoilers, but much in the way of vague speculation! (That's how I roll.)

They're not dead; she decides this is ample cause for celebration, after the day they've had. )
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This was for the three line fic meme, for [ profile] miss_atom's prompt "Eleven/River, lollipops." To which she very kindly added, "I know you don't think you can write them but I think you can :) ♥" And thank you for that, buddy, because it was at least a lot of fun trying. :D

Also, this is not exactly three lines. OOPS.

Sweets for the sweet, or: What not to do whilst battling aliens (unless you’re the Doctor or Dr. Song) -- Eleven/River, Amy/Rory, ~600 words, general season 6 spoilers

'Right,' the Doctor says, hands an emphatic whirlwind ... )
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Title: last man (?) in the world
Pairing: Ten/Donna
Word Count: 1,471
Rating: G
Spoilers: pretty general season 4; references to "The Unicorn and the Wasp"
Summary: The Doctor and Donna's 'not a couple' routine does not entirely convince one Miss Jane Austen. Donna is distressed; the Doctor gets to hear about it.
Author’s Note: This, then, is what happens when Doctor Who’s eaten my brain, and then the Pride & Prejudice episode of Wishbone is on. Yaaaaay?

Also, I really do fail at titles when it comes to, you know, anything. In this case, we are referencing Elizabeth's whole "last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry" line, only, well, the Doctor's not a man so much as a man-shaped alien! Ergo question mark! And let's not even get into the part where perhaps "universe" would be more applicable than "world" and so on and so on. Maybe I should just start doing things Friends-episode-style: "The One Where Jane Austen Implies That The Doctor and Donna Are Totally In Love, For Real."


They do the whole customary song-and-dance bit... )
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Title: somewhere i have never traveled
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Word Count: 1,100
Rating: G
Spoilers: pretty general season two; little references to "New Earth," "Rise of the Cybermen," and "The Satan Pit"
Summary: His fingers fit with hers just right.
Author's Note: I . . . don't really know where this came from. I never even contemplated writing fic for this show, just because -- there are aliens! And incredibly complicated backstory and canon that you have to master! And how on earth are you supposed to capture the magic of Doctor/Rose in writing, anyway? But the first line just popped into my head, and now, here it is. It may have something to do with the fact that I have a paper to write on Wordsworth that I am avoiding like hell. Oops?

Also, titles are the devil, and therefore I just stole an e.e. cummings line. But this poem suddenly seems infinitely Doctor/Rose-ish to me, so . . . it works? Right!

The Doctor breaks a fingernail saving the human race from being made the slaves of an army of twenty-foot-long super-intelligent slugs in the year 2159. )

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