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The world must be flat! Because -- get this -- I have written one of Madi's fic requests!! Hallelujah, my friends. Hallelujah.

Challenge: Five times Irina almost admitted her double agentness to Jack while she was Laura. (I cheated a little with the last one.)
Pairing: Jack/Irina
Spoilers: Through season five, 'Maternal Instinct'
Word Count: 648

i loved you first, i loved you first. )
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Okay, so this is not remotely a drabble. But I just spent all day reading psychology and I kind of want to die and so therefore, I don't care. This is allowed to break the 100 words limit, damn it. Because otherwise I just might have to kill something.

For [ profile] sunshine_queen:

Will, talking to Syd about XF. )
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Christmas ficcage, for those who asked awhile back. More to come! (I have been randomly and probably fleetingly blessed with the ability to write. How 'bout them Christmas miracles, eh?)

For [ profile] agent_nica--

We never change, do we? )

For [ profile] sunshine_queen--

If there is one thing that Jack Bristow has lost all tolerance for over the years, it is Christmas cheer. )
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Search and Rescue honestly makes me deeply, deeply emotionally unhinged. Like . . . I cry. A lot. But not in a way where I would at, say, a Joss show. They are more tears of everlasting joy. So that's a good thing!

Or possibly a bad thing because technically I suppose a TV show should not make one so happy that they are moved to tears.

But whatever. It's SpyMommy, you guys. And her SpyBabies. And her SpyHubby, SpyDaddy. And it is also, you know, pretty much a miracle that she ever came back. So I figure my emotional unhinged-ness is thoroughly justified.

Also, I must express my insane amount of love for the fact that she goes into the bathroom to clean up looking like . . . well, like someone who's been tortured and held captive in dark places for months and months by their deeply diabolical sister, and comes out looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

Because seriously, Irina Derevko is the only person who could conceivably manage such a feat.

Well, and Ron Burgundy.


Be afraid -- I wrote. It kinda sucks because, well, a) I am trying to write through my writer's block and sometimes it doesn't work so well, and b) it's Irina. I am not worthy. But anyway!

Title: in darkness
Characters: Irina, Elena, mentions of Jack and Sydney
Setting: While Elena is holding Irina captive
Summary: '. . . maybe Irina is fading, has faded into dust, gotten lost in the dirt and stale air . . .'

in darkness )
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For [ profile] sunshine_queen: 'SpyRents, late-night television.' Even though it kinda turned into more SpyFam. I figure she can deal since she was really heaping on the requests. ;-)

Also, this makes exactly . . . not a whole lot of sense. I think I might know what's going on, but not to the point where I could actually explain it. Just . . . go with the flow. And keep in mind that I am still working my way up to being able to write anything halfway decent.

This is post-Before the Flood. And Sydney's been through quite the ordeal, presumedly thanks to the car crash and the newly deserved quotation marks around "Vaughn". And unimpressive hotel rooms are a great spot to stay on the down-low, I guess. Who really knows?


She scars delicately, or perhaps it just seems this way due to your own inevitable biases. )


Apr. 18th, 2005 05:14 pm
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'Tis a miracle indeed.

I wrote this for [ profile] alias500, but then it turned into this big 800-word mutant fic, or something, so it just gets to be here. I have such issues with word count limits. It's just not of the good.

So, anyway.

Sydney/Vaughn. Season 1. 'Cause that's how I like 'em.

Sydney has a paper due tomorrow and cannot -- cannot -- keep talking to Vaughn. )
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Or maybe I've just gone nuts.

Title: Echoes
Characters: Jack, Nadia, Sydney, Irina, Sloane
Pairing: Jack/Nadia, Jack/Irina
Rating: Ehhh, PG at the worst. I'm not so good with the racy.
Summary: 'This train of thought cannot be pursued. The repercussions are unimaginable. Jack knows this.'

There are a thousand things wrong with this moment, and a person can only break so many times before ceasing to care. )
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Hahaha! I totally wrote again. It's insane. For Madi's fic meme, even!

Request #7 - fidgeting.

In which Weiss may or may not be completely insane. )


Mar. 12th, 2005 11:58 pm
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Because after spending 2839572398753 hours making icons, I feel like I might as well do something literary in an attempt to make up for it.

For [ profile] thepodsquad's fic request meme -- #4, Lark.

outside, it rains. )
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Mwahaha! Have written stuff. It's a miracle, really. [ profile] thepodsquad's awesome-as-whoa Sarkney fic inspired me.

I was doing the whole write-drabbles-based-on-song-titles thing, only it morphed into ficlets. And I only have two. But may do more. Because Tori's got some inspirational song titles, and all.

Anyhoooo. Yes.

Alias. Early season three. Crazy )

Alias. Season four. Mother )
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For [ profile] 15minuteficlets, except for the part where I spiralled off on a tangent and wrote for much longer than 15 minutes and sorta abandoned the word prompt to begin with.

But still.

Jack/Irina. Set somewhere in between The Getaway and A Dark Turn. Holy second person, Batman!

Laura had told you once that she hated lying. )

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