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Thank you to [ profile] firthgal for the freakin' delightful prompt over at the Halloween Comment Ficathon: "Henry tries his damnedest to convince Eliza that Halloween is not about who wears the most sexually provocative costume."

you (not so) sexy thing - Selfie ; Henry/Eliza ; 1,000 words. Henry and Eliza go shopping for Halloween costumes. It goes about as well as you'd think.

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I first busted out this comment ficathon a few years ago, and decided to break it out again this year. I miss the days of tiny lj fanfics! Come join this nostalgia party, my friends.

"I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

an eerie, halloweenish, &/or generally autumnal
comment ficathon

1. All fandoms welcome
2. Prompts should be somehow related to autumn or Halloween; 'tis the season!
3. One prompt per comment; prompts should be formatted along the general lines of '[fandom] - [pairing/character] - [prompt]'
4. When you've filled a prompt, leave a link to it in the filled prompts comment thread
5. Include a title, if the title muses are being cooperative :) (LJ gave us the subject lines back, y'all! How can we but take advantage of that happy fact?)
6. Share!

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a radiant darkness upon us - Game of Thrones ; Tyrion/Sansa, Sansa + Shae, Tyrion/Shae ; Part 4 - 2,900 words. In the days before Joffrey's wedding to Margaery, Sansa and Tyrion's marriage grows more complicated.

Part 4 )
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If I had not written this, I would not be me.

Honestly, friends, there’s a part of me that thinks this story is what happened, and another part of me that is totally just like, ‘Yeah, they totally got it on in order to celebrate their successful effort at rebranding manslaughter as suicide. What about that is not normal married couple behavior? Date night, baby!’

I guess we’ll never know for sure. Isn’t it splendid??

For those of you who haven’t seen the scene yet, you can watch it on YouTube in this compilation of deleted scenes featuring Catherine; it’s at around the 2:00 mark.

The Element of Surprise - Reign ; Henry/Catherine ; 1,300 words. Why, exactly, was Catherine hanging out naked in Henry’s bed in the deleted scene from “Dirty Laundry”?

As soon as they return to his chambers, Henry wastes no time in collapsing on top of his bed. )
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This is written for a prompt I received long, long ago from notevenaproperword on Tumblr: “Henry/Catherine; in our bedroom after the war.”

I wrote most of this months ago, and was randomly moved to come back and finish it up today. And I must admit, I had a jolly good time of it! I’m going to miss Henry and this atrociously glorious marriage so much in season two.

This is set sometime after “Toy Soldiers,” so Penelope is newly gone and Francis is off waging a tiny war in the forests of exotic Canada. Er. Calais?

I knew my weakness - Reign ; Henry/Catherine ; 1,700 words. Henry is mostly the sum of his rages these days, but there are the quiet moments. Too few and far between to be worth much, but they do happen.

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I am currently swept up in a great BSG rewatch, and there was no Roslin/Adama reunion scene after the New Caprica arc, and I’m sorry, THAT’S JUST OBSCENELY CRUEL. I could only assume that Adama shaved his angst mustache off at the end because he had plans to court his lady proper. And so I had to scribble this for my own peace of mind. Reunite, you slow burning secret lovers! Reunite and admit you want to kiss each other’s faces! (Or at least take a small step in that direction.)

Title from “Stubborn Love” by The Lumineers.

keep your head up, my love - Battlestar Galactica ; Adama/Roslin ; 1,200 words. Roslin and Adama reunite after her return from New Caprica. Set after "Exodus: Part 2."

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Me? Actually answering a fic prompt?? It is some kind of miracle, friends!

This is for [ profile] anoel's prompt from the line-of-dialogue fic meme, Amy/Karma + "Are you flirting with me?" I meant for it to be much shorter, but as is my curse, it spiraled into chattiness!

(you are) the girl that i've been dreaming of - Faking It ; Amy/Karma ; 1,500 words. In which Karma is acting weird, and Amy realizes why.

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a radiant darkness upon us - Game of Thrones ; Tyrion/Sansa, Sansa + Shae, Tyrion/Shae ; Part 3 - 2,700 words. In the days before Joffrey's wedding to Margaery, Sansa and Tyrion's marriage grows more complicated.

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3 )
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a well of hope - Reign ; Greer/Lord Castleroy ; 1,500 words.

Note: My heart has just been aching for Greer ever since I watched this episode, so naturally I had to write some fic in which she receives at least a bit of comfort! From Lord Castleroy, obviously, since he is Reign’s resident peppery feminist dreamboat, a man so great I am still pretty paranoid that he’s going to turn out to be a serial killer or something awful like that. But for now, I’m just going to believe he’s as wonderful as he appears to be.

Title from “Heart Made of Stone” by Matt Corby, a.k.a. the song that’s playing during Greer and Castleroy’s kiss in “Toy Soldiers.”

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I would like to thank season four for crushing all my dreams and thus motivating me to write more.

a radiant darkness upon us - Game of Thrones ; Tyrion/Sansa, Sansa + Shae, Tyrion/Shae ; Part 2 - 1,800 words. In the days before Joffrey's wedding to Margaery, Sansa and Tyrion's marriage grows more complicated.

Part 1

As soon as she gets back to her room, Sansa bursts into angry sobs. The effort of keeping a sweet smile on her face while conversing with Joffrey and Margaery, even for the few moments she stayed, was unbearable. )
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According to the promo for next week, Henry’s going to become a misogynistic psycho killer, but I’m pretty sure we all just want the Partners In Crime Henry/Catherine RomCom to go on forever. Ergo: some fluff before the very likely total-opposite-of-fluff descends upon us next week.

Friction - Reign ; Henry/Catherine ; 2,100 words. After “Dirty Laundry,” Henry has an epiphany. Catherine gets to hear about it.

Catherine has just finished undressing when there’s a knock on her door. )
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we queens - Reign ; Mary & Catherine, Henry/Catherine, Mary/Francis, Mary/Bash ; 2,600 words. Happiness is the one thing we queens can never have. Catherine and Mary are not so very different. (Character study set during 1.11.)

Note: Good heavens, this took forever to write! Probably because it involved an irrational amount of thinking, as opposed to just spewing out some OTP banter and calling it a day. (That's the life!) Anyway, one thing I've been super into about the past few episodes of Reign: the way Catherine/Henry has been presented as this really interesting cautionary tale for Mary and the way she chooses to pursue her relationships with Bash and Francis.

And that mirror sequence at the end of "Inquisition"? That is the stuff of my TV fangirl dreams! So I just had to do the feels-y introspective fic thing. Really, I had no choice.

And if you're still breathing you're the lucky ones / 'Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs. )
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I have absolutely no idea where this randomness came from, but by golly, it was fun to write. Catherine being snarky and horrible is the light of my TV life, and I dunno, I’m just rooting for Kenna to win at something somehow, poor girl. She is basically the Jerry Gergich of Reign at this point.

Happy Femslash February!

Title is a line from Phildel’s super delicious “Afraid of the Dark.”

oh, the weapon you make of my heart - Reign ; Kenna/Catherine ; 2,000 words. Kenna cannot shake the feeling that there's something to be learned from the queen.

The day comes when the King passes by, throwing Kenna one unmoved glance like he is throwing scraps to dogs. It bites into her bones; she had not expected to lose him so quickly, and there he goes, like she is nothing. )
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Long, long ago, lovecatcadillac on Tumblr asked for a McAndrews high school AU. :)

I can tell that we are gonna be friends - Bomb Girls ; Betty/Kate ; 1,700 words. Betty’s new chemistry lab partner is named Kate Andrews.

+++ )
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Mistletoe Madness - Gilmore Girls ; Rory/Paris ; 1,200 words. Paris Geller versus mistletoe, featuring Rory Gilmore (who just wants to go home and put on her pajamas).

'Who did this?' Paris barks. There’s a definite psychotic glint to the words. )
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Written for the prompt ‘Sansa/Tyrion, snowed in.’ Set in some distant post-war, post-White Walkers-apocalypse future where everything turned out pretty okay for these two, because why not. This is so fluffy and devoid of sorrow that it’s like I’m slapping George R.R. Martin with a glove to challenge him to a duel. FOR FLUFF, Mr. Martin! For fluff.

what's simple is true - Game of Thrones ; Sansa/Tyrion ; 500 words. Tyrion and Sansa get caught in a summer storm.

They duck into the stables when the storm hits. )
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a no more homework!
let's write fanfic!

comment ficathon

Because now we have time to write all that fic we've been neglecting all semester in favor of bleak stuff like schoolwork. :) Did I post this exact same ficathon at this time last year, complete with that diabolical picture of Calvin? Yes, yes I did. Because 'tis the time of year for fanfiction therapy.

+ All fandoms are welcome! Prompt whatever your heart desires, and leave as many prompts as you'd like to.
+ One prompt per comment; prompts should be formatted along the general lines of '[fandom] - [pairing/character] - [prompt]'.
+ When you've filled a prompt, leave a link to it in the filled prompts comment thread.
+ Spread the word!

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Oh no, another one! I promise I'll knock it off soon. I'm just suffering a pesky fascination with this AU world wherein Tyrion and Sansa bond. The idea of Sansa having someone(s -- because, Shae! Who sadly does not appear here) who's unconditionally on her side is just really interesting to me. So basically I just can't stop dreaming up happy...ish AU scenarios for Sansa that are still, all right, pretty darn bleak, because Game of Thrones. But, like, no one gets disemboweled or anything, so this is basically Game of Thrones does Gilmore Girls.

One of my favorite things about this show is when it lets the characters have these really long interesting conversations, so that is basically what this story is. Just a whoooole lotta talking. So, um, hurrah. Party?

skin and bones of love - Game of Thrones ; Sansa/Tyrion ; 2,500 words. “We could always run away,” Tyrion jokes in that low voice he uses to be kind to her. It makes Sansa feel like he’s telling her secrets.

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